Code of Conduct

Website Code of Conduct

Our commitment is to create a domain where all participants can safely learn about, practice and teach the art of chivalry. We seek your alliance in achieving this goal. Please conduct yourself in such a way that you and others are safe. Express your thoughts and feelings safely and respectfully whether communicating with your mentor, Merlin’s Code staff and representatives or other site participants. This includes honestly expressing your negative emotions in a a way that is respectful of others.

Our commitment is to enrich your understanding and experience of the qualities of chivalry and enhance your ability to apply them to the living of your life. In exchange, we ask that you do your best to learn these qualities and apply them to all interactions on this website and in any Merlin’s Code related activities. Be a Knight of Chivalry.

Take responsibility for your participation and do the work required to complete each Session. You are encouraged to work at a pace that is comfortable for you. Your mentor will send you gentle reminders, if needed, to help you keep to the schedule you design at the beginning of each session.

Copying and distributing the Merlin’s Code Session material dishonors the material, the people who made this material available, the person you share it with, but most importantly it dishonors you. To truly benefit from this experience and the material, it is important to work closely with your mentor. Learning the descriptions of the qualities of chivalry will probably be easy for most, but learning to apply the information to your life without the benefit of a mentor would be like Arthur trying to learn about chivalry without Merlin. Anyone who is given the material without the benefit of working with a Merlin’s Code mentor may have a greatly diminished experience or understanding of the information. In some circumstances, this could even be hurtful. We respectfully ask that you use the Merlin’s Code site and the information offered only as intended.

Your mentor is a master in the art of chivalry, please treat your mentor with respect and honor his or her decisions. Your mentor will decide when you’ve successfully demonstrated your mastery of a particular quality and proven yourself ready to move on to the next Session. Mentors have been trained not to accept mediocre work, but rather to support you in being your best. This may be uncomfortable for you sometimes, or may even seem impossible, but sometimes Humility is about making the seemingly impossible possible.

Since everyone is unique, you may find one quality difficult to understand and apply to your life, whereas for others it may seem easy. Please avoid attitudes of superiority and insignificance when comparing the work you and others have done. We are all individuals with our unique strengths and weaknesses. It is what we do with those vulnerabilities that matters. A good leader has the Humility to be open to many possibilities and is willing and able to see self and others the way they truly are. Support everyone in being a winner.

With the last of the twelve battles, the freedom was won, and the king truly was king. His chivalry had been tested. The boy king had showed his mettle, his ability to lead, to stand for those who could not stand for themselves and to be what other’s needed him to be. He returned not only victorious, he returned triumphant. It was not only the victory of might; it was a victory of character. Arthur returned knowing who he was. His soldiers also returned victorious and triumphant. They returned with a dream of a positive future and the wherewithal to make it happen.

Join us in exploring this timeless Legend and learn how the Code of Chivalry can change your life and your world.