About Merlin's Code

  • Master 12 Lifeskills

Our Purpose

Merlin’s Code offers web-based life-skills and leadership training for teens. It is life-enhancing, challenging, as well as entertaining. Our learning modules, Chivalry Reborn and Chivalry Unleashed, are opportunities to engage in a learning process that is “all about you”. With the guidance of carefully selected and trained mentors, you learn each of the twelve qualities that combine to form a Code of Chivalry, while also safely exploring the application of these qualities in your daily life.

Are you chivalrous? Can you, like Arthur, pass the 12 tests of chivalry and become whole, confident and happy within yourself? Let's find out.

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Each module presents the opportunity to learn the 12 qualities of chivalry and how to apply them to your life. This is the foundation of Merlin’s Code and at its heart is love. 

Chivalry Reborn and Chivalry Unleashed are curriculum-based and both offer:

  • 14 Sessions
  • Web Interactivity
  • Multi-media formats
  • Self-paced Learning
  • 2 hours of individual instruction and mentoring.
  • A range of experiences from the whimsical to very focused work.

Cost per Session ranges from $84 to $97 per Session depending on the payment option selected. Session 14 is our gift to you. Each Session includes 2 hours of mentoring. Additional mentoring time may be purchased for $30 per 1/2 hour.

Chivalry Empowered is a mentor-based learning opportunity that offers:

  • An intricate, sophisticated and substantive platform.
  • One-to-one mentoring that focuses on an issue of your choice.
  • Personalized instruction in the 12 qualities of chivalry and their application to your life.
  • Personalized assignments designed to clarify and enhance your life and leadership skills.

Mentoring sessions can be purchased for $30 per 1/2 hour.

This is only the beginning! We plan to continually add new and fun Adventures in Chivalry as imagination and resources permit. Let's begin.