Mentors are Knights of Chivalry who are eager to help others learn and live the qualities of Chivalry. They are trained to know and live the qualities of chivalry. Just as importantly, they are people who have proven themselves capable and willing to interact with young people in a way that encourages each individual to be his or her best self.

Our squires are not alone in this training program. Their mentors will be available to guide  squires through each step of the learning module – listening, encouraging, and evaluating their work. We include two hours of mentor time with each session. With parental approval, additional time can be purchased subject to the mentor’s schedule and the squire’s needs and desires.

Just as Merlin was a mentor to Arthur, so our mentors are here to be of Service to our squires. Our goal is that our mentoring program will be available to our knights long after they have earned their Shield of Chivalry. We can all use a caring chivalrous adult in our lives who is truly able and willing to hear what we need to say and equally good at offering their loving and chivalrous support when needed. But more importantly, our mentors are people with whom our squires and knights can joyously share their successes. They consider it a victory when their Service is a hand up that facilitates someone else's success.

Our mentors are adults skilled at interacting positively with young people. After passing a rigorous screening process, they are trained in the art of chivalry. These men and women recognize and demonstrate these qualities in their interactions with our squires and knights.