Chivalry Reborn

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Chivalry Reborn — Inside the Learning Module

Merlin taught Arthur the art of chivalry—to create an alliance with himself by becoming a powerful, self-reliant, confident and loving leader. Arthur demonstrated his chivalry by drawing Excalibur from the stone. Exactly how he did it will always remain a mystery, but in the exploration of that mystery you can discover what it means to be a Knight of Chivalry.

Let your imagination soar as you fly dragons, and serve as courier to the king. On the battlefield, Merlin and Arthur will introduce you to the Knights. And as their special guest, each of the Knights will take you on an imaginative journey into his domain where he will demonstrate the quality that stands out in them. You will learn to recognize and strengthen these qualities in yourself and in your world. These qualities can change and shape your life.

Teenagers from 12 through 14 years of age are invited to register for Chivalry Reborn.

Session 1: The Initiation. Enjoy our version of the Merlin/Arthur Legend. The assignments and exercises introduce you to the 12 qualities of chivalry and lay the foundation for your work in the following sessions.

In Sessions 2 – 13, we take you through each of the twelve qualities in a progressive order; present experiences and assignments designed to enhance your understanding of these qualities; and help you learn how to use them in your life. Each of these Sessions follows the following format.

  • Step 1: A story of how Merlin and Arthur taught their knights the art of chivalry.
  • Step 2: A description of the featured quality.
  • Step 3: Dynamic examples of the Session’s quality utilized in the real world.
  • Step 4: A conscious dreaming exercise where you take an imaginative journey into the domain of one of the knights.
  • Step 5: You learn how to apply the quality to your personal life.
  • Step 6: You learn how to use this quality to your relationship with others and your world.
  • Step 7: You engage your imagination and creativity to design and complete a project that demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of subject quality.

Session 14 is the Celebration of becoming a Knight of Chivalry.

Your mentor will guide you through each of the sessions; evaluate your work; answer your questions; and offer suggestions if needed. Although this is an individual, self-paced learning experience, you are not alone. The adventure of becoming a Knight of Chivalry can be as exciting and fun as your imagination will allow, and through it all you will learn about a truly magnificent person—you.