Watch Arthur pass the first test that proved his chivalry.

Do you know what it means to be chivalrous? Find out here?

According to the Legend, Merlin taught Arthur the art of chivalry—to create an alliance with himself by becoming a strong, self-reliant, confident and loving person — a powerful leader. Arthur passed his first test of chivalry by drawing Excalibur from the stone. Exactly how he did it will always remain a mystery, but in the exploration of that mystery you can discover what it means to be a Knight of Chivalry.

Allow the mystery of this legend to awaken the call to adventure in you.

  • Step into the legend that introduced chivalry to our world.
  • See how Arthur passed the first test that proved his chivalry.
  • Dare to explore the iconic personalities of Merlin and King Arthur and their relevance to your world.
  • Join the adventure — learn how you can become a 21st century Knight of Chivalry.
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