Allies and Partners

An Opportunity to Build Bright Futures

Beyond the maelstrom of everyday life lies a domain that holds the possibilities and opportunities of a better future. Here, the keepers of Merlin’s Code deliver a map for personal mastery. As citizens of this new Camelot, teens can explore and master the 12 life skills that open the door to individual excellence. They are invited to discover its underlying current as they explore and harness their inherent goodness and integrate the power of the Merlin/Arthur Legend and Merlin’s Code of Chivalry into our world.

Our Quest 

We, the guardians of Merlin’s Code, seek corporations, organizations and/or individuals who

  • exemplify chivalry;
  • in whom at least one of these qualities shines;
  • share our enthusiasm for delivering this standard of excellence to our youth;
  • and who share our enthusiasm for creating fun and challenging ways to merge this ancient wisdom with the plethora of media channels available today.

We seek quality role models with whom our squires and knights can engage in ways that honor individual excellence. Be an ally or partner of chivalry and create brilliant futures of personal mastery and leadership worthy of trust.

Our Invitation

Merlin’s Code is an innovative, for-profit educational venture. As a startup, we can't entice you with page views and click-through metrics... yet. We can, however, dazzle you with exceptionally high-quality content. In an era where content is king, we offer impeccable quality that is timeless. Merlin's Code of Chivalry is as applicable, functional and powerful today as it was two millennia ago. Though the methods for teaching this code of conduct and its 12 qualities may change, its substance is timeless. Help us harness the power of this life-changing code of conduct as we lay the groundwork for tomorrow's 'Camelot.'

Come play with us as we explore and entwine the richness of today's media channels, such as alternate reality games (ARGs), virtual worlds, graphic novels, webisodes, and the like, with this unparalleled map for personal mastery. Make a sea-change investment in our collective future as you participate in a synergistic alliance where young people learn to create brilliant futures of personal mastery, individual excellence and leadership worthy of trust.

Your Benefit

Twelve of the sessions within each learning module, in turn, focus on a particular quality of chivalry and provide examples of how that quality is demonstrated in our world. To demonstrate relevance, these examples would ideally include stories about corporations, organizations or even well-known individuals who have consistently demonstrated that quality in the world. Those who demonstrate these qualities of Chivalry are invited to sponsor the development of the training session of the quality that stands out in their organization. Participating in this future-building adventure allows you:

  • Unique access to teens and our future leaders;
  • To empower these young people with timeless life and leadership skills;
  • To discover and claim your expression of chivalry;
  • To demonstrate how your corporation or organization exemplifies a particular quality of chivalry in a 2 – 3 minute video;
  • To sit on our Council of Elders (Wise Ones, not Old Ones);
  • To be recognized on public facing pages of our website.

True chivalry is ever-expanding. Its benefits are limited only by our imaginations and our mutual willingness to create and manifest them.

If you are:

  • a future-thinking chivalrous leader;
  • teens are your demographic of choice;
  • and you've embraced the wisdom of this form of organic marketing;

we invite you to look to a future where you have a front row seat at the table of chivalry.

Help build a brilliant future. Become a champion of the 21st Century Knights of Chivalry and an ally of Merlin’s Code!