Invest In Our Future

Merlin’s Code presents a unique opportunity to create a future where chivalry is once again recognized and valued for the power and substance that it holds. This is your invitation to make this a better world.

Ways you can help.

  • Sponsor the training and mentoring of a teen or young adult.
  • Recommend Merlin’s Code to a teen or young adult. Direct them to our website and Facebook Page.
  • Assist us with marketing and sales. Media and venues we are considering are ARGs, virtual world, webisodes, graphic novels, live group workshops, small group travel adventures.
  • Website development.
  • Create and implement testing of the effectiveness of this leadership and LifeSkills training and mentoring.

Merlin taught Arthur the art of chivalry so that he might be whole within himself. Watch Arthur first test of chivalry. How can you help build a new 'Camelot'?

Complete the form and we will contact you to discuss how we might work together to support our young people in becoming tomorrow's chivalrous leaders.

Welcome to this extraordinary adventure!