Code of Chivalry

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The 12 Qualities of Chivalry

Merlin’s Code™ is the synergy—the working together—of the following twelve qualities:


Honor is about observing things the way things really are. You bring honor when you recognize, respect, and respond to what you see in yourself and others; and you then allow that to matter to you.


To be loyal is to develop a code of conduct (principles) that expresses your best self, and then to live by that code. Get to know your strengths and weaknesses and make them a part of your code. That’s what reveals your strength of character, as well as your integrity and morality.


Look for your grand purpose. You discover what is noble about you by having high ideals and making them a part of your code of conduct. You develop character and a sense of morality by adhering to your code of conduct.


How strong are your ability and willingness to stick to your code of conduct? Virtue comes from the word virility, meaning strength. You demonstrate your virtue through the strength and power of your character, integrity, and morality. Virtue is doing the right thing, because it is the right thing.


Our grace is what comes to us naturally—like flight is to an eagle. Grace is about giving of what you’re good at and giving it generously from the heart. Give so that the one who receives what you give is inspired to be and do their best.


Truth is a living, breathing quality that reveals more of itself the more closely you look at it. It is the more real in everything we call life. Truth is more than facts, so it helps to approach truth with an open mind and heart. Be willing to see the truth even when it’s unpleasant. This helps build your sense of self and expands your world.


The courageous ones hold truth as their standard, and are willing to take action even though they may not have all the right answers. Courage is being willing to be wrong in the pursuit of what’s right and refusing to live the life that does not reflect one’s goodness, truth, and beauty.


The courteous friend is a loving, kind and caring friend who pays attention to details. Courtesy opens the door to understanding and wisdom, and presents truth in a courteous way, so that the lessons need not be harsh.


The heroic voice speaks up even when afraid. Facing fear with a brave heart, the gallant one willingly goes through the fear. As the champion, this one is willing to be what others need him or her to be, when they cannot or will not be that for themselves. Bravely leading the way, this one exposes the truth and puts courage into action.


You are the author of your life, so pay attention to your thoughts and actions. Take responsibility for who you are and for what happens to you. Power comes from being responsible. Give yourself the permission to be powerful.


Service is about graciously giving of your love and your bounty. Service is much more about giving of who you are, than about what you have. Look at service as a hand up, more than a handout.


With humility, you allow for the unexpected. Set aside attitudes of superiority and insignificance. Get the facts, be aware of the truth, and pay attention to the details. Just because something has always been a certain way does not mean it will be that way this time. Live in the moment, but don’t forget your vision of the future.

These qualities are the foundation of the Merlin’s Code learning modules Chivalry Reborn™, Chivalry Unleashed™, and Chivalry Empowered™. Discover them in yourself and unleash their power in your life.