Merlin's Code

Explore and learn 12 core life and leadership skills that open the door to individual excellence. Transform from ordinary to extraordinary as you discover your inherent goodness and integrate the power of Merlin's Code of Chivalry into the living of your life.

  • Master 12 Lifeskills

Know Your Goodness — Be A Winner

People move from childhood to adulthood more often by chance than by self-directed choice. There are many roadmaps for our life's journey, and it is up to each one of us to choose wisely. Merlin's Code offers a unique and elegant way for charting your course. It provides the success-bound young person with challenging leadership and LifeSkills training presented in safe learning environments. You will have the opportunity to explore and learn:

About the Merlin and Arthur Legend

Are you one of the pack, a leader, or do you feel like you don't quite fit in?

  • Explore who you are and who you are becoming.
  • Discover how to love yourself without arrogance.
  • Become your own best friend so that you can be a good and valued friend to others.
  • Learn how to be a master at living your life and enjoying success now.
  • Experience the joy of being your best self.
  • Unleash the mystery of who you are, by discovering the Knight of Chivalry in you.


"Esther Penner is an extraordinary mentor and advocate for teens and young adults. Her creation of Merlin’s Code is a paradigm-shift in how we can entertain and teach simultaneously. The world has changed and so have the needs and desires of our young people. Esther meets them on their playing field — the Internet and their phones — and helps them lift themselves to new levels of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love. It is everyone's desire to matter and be significant. To do so, we must have a foundation that holds us in good stead throughout our lives. Through Merlin’s Code, Esther teaches the 12 components of chivalry that can empower the next generation to face the challenges of a world yet to be dreamed."

    - Kimberley Heart, MA in Psychology, Counseling & Guidance; and PA specializing in Psychiatry